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Xbox 360 Games

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Xbox 260 console

The gaming console that everyone has been waiting for is due to launch in November this year. This console gives a new and innovative approach to the interaction with games. The XBox 360 console comes with ports that will connect with Kinect sensor. That means you will be the controller in the new set of games ready for Kinect due to launch this holiday season. In the moment of writing of this article you can pick from the following game titles for Kinect: Kinectimals™, Kinect Joy Kinect Sports, Ride, Your Shape™: Fitness Evolved, Dance Central™ and Kinect Adventures!

Ubisoft has prepared for us a new way of exercising using XBOX 360 Kinect. The way these exercises are designed is that it can be seen from the trailers, and it makes one think that they are in a gym with a personal trainer. The game is named Your Shape Fitness evolved and it will be available in the Christmas period this year.

Fitness can be very fun as you watch your moves mirrored by Kinect on your TV screen. What makes Xbox 360 Kinect a great fitness platform is the fact that you don’t need any controls, such as joysticks and other movement tracking devices. You body movements are detected by Kinect and drown on the TV screen. The other great thing about exercising with Kinect is that it brings a lot of fun.

Racing games are very popular and people love to play them to relax from time to time. Kinect™ Joy Ride will make a great sensation when it will be launched this autumn. The player will use the whole body for controlling the car for driving or for different acrobatic movements. This might not be very new for some people who steer with their whole body when playing computer or console racing games.

I think there will be endless possibilities for the future releases of various game genres. Think only at all pre-order lists from different stores cross country. The interest of people for this console with its new movement tracking sensor is growing every day. I can hardly wait to get my hands on one to experience any one of the games available today.

There is no limit for the age and gender when playing Kinect games, but it is safe to ask your physician if you have any condition that impairs movement.

The new Xbox 360 Kinect is a complete entertainment console because people can enjoy listening music or watch movies from their favorite DVD’s. CD’s or they can interact with friends online and enjoy multimedia content from the Internet such as HD Movies from Netflix or Zune.

This console comes with 250 GB built in HDD enough to store a lot of multimedia files such as music, photos, movies and even games.

From my previous experience with Xbox 360 console I know that this new model with Kinect will soon become the favorite entertainment mean for the entire family

The Xbox 360 was the first of the “next-gen” videogame consoles to hit the market in the fall of 2005. By the time the